First update 

Hey! First time doing something like this, few things about me, I’m a book lover, have over 70, I am currently reading the girl on the train and have nearly finished, I’m also a big writer and am currently writing a book and a fanfic for someone, I have one child and am engaged and happy! 

That’s all really, not much to tell… 

Thanks for reading. 


Author: demonshadow14

Bookworm, nature lover and a mum

14 thoughts on “First update ”

      1. I agree, I still own many physical books, but after awhile I really needed to cut down on the weight I was dragging around on the train for my morning commute. But some things just can’t be digitally replaced, graphic novels and pretty much anything by Nick Bantock

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      1. Give me a good ole romance novel and I’m good…. but my reading taste has always varied quite a bit, I remember reading Stephen King’s IT at 13 and my mother almost had a fit🤣🤣🤣

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