New beginnings 

I’m on a calm path now, well I’m trying, I believe but haven’t been diagnosed that I have slight anger issues but now I have to be calm, I want to be! I need to be for myself and my family, it’s working, I’m writing in a notebook whenever I feel stressed and it feels like my weight is lifted and I’m relieved, also I do tasks such as gardening just for the before and after, having OCD I love seeing the results and it looks pretty and I feel productive and calmer 😊

With my son I am calm, as a mum I do get the stressed times but no one is perfect, are they? I find that if I know he is safe and out of dangers way and he’s moaning I can get on with daily tasks however when it comes to the crying I attend to him as you would.

I am a big reader but I barely get the time nowadays but when I do I can read for hours, I can either get into a book and read it constantly or I read a chapter then put it down for ages… No inbetween… You’ll probably find I go on and on when talking but I find it relaxing, also if anyone wants to review my book feel free to comment and ask me, I’m quite shy but extremely friendly so don’t be scared. 

I will also take requests to help write or write short stories or poems 😊 it soothes me! 

Thank you for your time 😘


Author: demonshadow14

Bookworm, nature lover and a mum

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