Hey! Hope everything is well, lovely day here where I am 😊 sunshine and a clear blue sky makes me feel energetic and productive, I love hanging washing out on the line when the weather is like this, the fresh smell of fabric conditioner. 

Although I have hayfever I still long to smell the freshly cut grass from the near by parks and even our own garden, it’s a smell I associate with spring! Vibrant coloured flowers are blooming and blossom fills the trees, out of all the seasons spring and autumn are my favourites, in autumn you have the leaves turning orange, red and yellow and as they majestically fall to the ground it relaxes me, I find it therapeutic. 

Spring brings joys like baby lambs jumping all over the field, birds tweeting away in their beautiful lifes, a symphony almost. 

This world is so beautiful and I’m so glad to be apart of it, over all, happy days!! 

Thank you for reading! 😍


Author: demonshadow14

Bookworm, nature lover and a mum

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