Today’s plans

Today I woke and it looked to be a lovely sunny day however the clouds are dragging in and the sun is disappearing now… Dark and gloomy the day becomes, not bright and full of energy! Not warm and full of hugs… Nope.

Either way I won’t let it darken my mood, I’m in a mood to get up and go out of the house and do something fun with my son, so later were heading to a play pit, he may be only 9 months but they have a section for children and he can crawl around and throw balls and I can help him down the slide, he can use all his energy and then he shall hopefully be tired when it comes to bedtime… I hope!

It’s not a far walk but it’s pleasant anyway, leaves, blossoms, flowers, passing fields filled with lambs jumping around after each other and falling down, making me laugh… I sometimes stop and watch in awe at them, I wish I could just pet one, I’ve always been an animal lover, wanted to be a vet since I can remember or even just volunteer and help, I will when my sons older and I have more time to myself, until then I’ll be okay.

Thanks for the read.


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