First experience

Hey! I haven’t posted in so long and I haven’t been on the computer to turn off the quotations… Sorry about that! 

So my first experience yesterday was going to a night club! First of, the vibe was uplifting and welcoming, I felt in place and let loose which is hard for me in open places… As we entered I could feel the music in my chest, vibrations which made me believe the beat of the music was my heart beating! And even though I only stayed for a few minutes, well two songs long it was overwhelming. 

I didn’t want to leave and when we did I felt a pull trying to drag me backwards, that’s all I can say really, like I said it was a short experience but still a first and I definitely came out of my comfort zone! 

Thanks for reading! 


Author: demonshadow14

Bookworm, nature lover and a mum

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