First experience

Hey! I haven’t posted in so long and I haven’t been on the computer to turn off the quotations… Sorry about that! 

So my first experience yesterday was going to a night club! First of, the vibe was uplifting and welcoming, I felt in place and let loose which is hard for me in open places… As we entered I could feel the music in my chest, vibrations which made me believe the beat of the music was my heart beating! And even though I only stayed for a few minutes, well two songs long it was overwhelming. 

I didn’t want to leave and when we did I felt a pull trying to drag me backwards, that’s all I can say really, like I said it was a short experience but still a first and I definitely came out of my comfort zone! 

Thanks for reading! 


Today’s plans

Today I woke and it looked to be a lovely sunny day however the clouds are dragging in and the sun in disappearing now… Dark and gloomy the day becomes, not bright and full of energy! Not warm and full of hugs… Nope. 

Either way I won’t let it darken my mood, I’m in a mood to get up and go out of the house and do something fun with my son, so later were heading to a play pit, he may be only 9 months but they have a section for children and he can crawl around and throw balls and I can help him down the slide, he can use all his energy and then he shall hopefully be tired when it comes to bed time… I hope! 

It’s not a far walk but it’s pleasant anyway, leaves, blossoms, flowers, passing fields filled with lambs jumping around after each other and falling down, making me laugh… I sometimes stop and watch in awe at them, I wish I could just pet one, I’ve always been an animal lover, wanted to be a vet since I can remember or even just volunteer and help, I will when my sons older and I gave more time to myself, until then I’ll be okay, I’m fighting my depression well, people are enjoying my stories and ask for more…. 

Thanks for the read. 

13 reasons why… 

If you haven’t watched the show please don’t read on if you don’t want spoilers…

I feel like this show has a massive importance and meaning, suicide is a topic that is silenced, not the suicide itself but like in the show when she approached Mr. Porter and he didn’t listen, didn’t understand fully but still knew something was wrong, he kind of shrugged it off, he shouldn’t talked more, should’ve gone after her and made sure she was okay, she chose to give life a second chance and try! She went to approach someone who she thought would be helpful but got basically nothing, fair enough she couldn’t say Bryce’s name but she was afraid, embarrassed and probably scared, she clearly shown them expressions. 

I get that it’s a show and these are my opinions but I believe if ever we have doubts that someone is sad or hiding something major and it’s affecting them that we should try to help them as much as we can! Suicide is an important issue and if anyone ever feels like they need a listening ear or a chat know I’m here, I won’t judge, I know what it’s like to be judged, I’ll be here for you, all of you… 

Thank you for reading. 


Hey! Hope everything is well, lovely day here where I am 😊 sunshine and a clear blue sky makes me feel energetic and productive, I love hanging washing out on the line when the weather is like this, the fresh smell of fabric conditioner. 

Although I have hayfever I still long to smell the freshly cut grass from the near by parks and even our own garden, it’s a smell I associate with spring! Vibrant coloured flowers are blooming and blossom fills the trees, out of all the seasons spring and autumn are my favourites, in autumn you have the leaves turning orange, red and yellow and as they majestically fall to the ground it relaxes me, I find it therapeutic. 

Spring brings joys like baby lambs jumping all over the field, birds tweeting away in their beautiful lifes, a symphony almost. 

This world is so beautiful and I’m so glad to be apart of it, over all, happy days!! 

Thank you for reading! 😍

New beginnings 

I’m on a calm path now, well I’m trying, I believe but haven’t been diagnosed that I have slight anger issues but now I have to be calm, I want to be! I need to be for myself and my family, it’s working, I’m writing in a notebook whenever I feel stressed and it feels like my weight is lifted and I’m relieved, also I do tasks such as gardening just for the before and after, having OCD I love seeing the results and it looks pretty and I feel productive and calmer 😊

With my son I am calm, as a mum I do get the stressed times but no one is perfect, are they? I find that if I know he is safe and out of dangers way and he’s moaning I can get on with daily tasks however when it comes to the crying I attend to him as you would.

I am a big reader but I barely get the time nowadays but when I do I can read for hours, I can either get into a book and read it constantly or I read a chapter then put it down for ages… No inbetween… You’ll probably find I go on and on when talking but I find it relaxing, also if anyone wants to review my book feel free to comment and ask me, I’m quite shy but extremely friendly so don’t be scared. 

I will also take requests to help write or write short stories or poems 😊 it soothes me! 

Thank you for your time 😘

First update 

Hey! First time doing something like this, few things about me, I’m a book lover, have over 70, I am currently reading the girl on the train and have nearly finished, I’m also a big writer and am currently writing a book and a fanfic for someone, I have one child and am engaged and happy! 

That’s all really, not much to tell… 

Thanks for reading.